23 Sept 2012

Cool Birthday Wishes to a Friend

When I was a small kid I had a good friend named John. John gave me birthday cards which had nice lines written by John's own hand. I also decided to give John such a card. So, I decided to write a birthday wish poem to John. After much thinking I could manage to write a rhymed poem. My birthday poem to John was :
  The black dog calls: "wow, wow",
  Johnny is a pig, Johnny is a cow.
      Enjoy your birthday
 You shall give me big cake is my pray.

You shall not believe how angry my friend became after getting the card. He had no literary sense, what do you think guys?

Anyway, here I am going to give you some better samples as birthday wishes to friends.Check these out and if you do not like these don't forget to bash me by commenting.

Here goes my wishes:

1) You are such a nice friend that how much I appreciate your friendship by the words is not enough. I hope you shall get a great birthday!

2) A good friend never forgets his friends if they are in trouble. You have established this truth such a number of times that I have lost count. Happy birthday my dear friend!

3) A good friend should remember your birthday but forget your age.

4) It is your bithday my freind. It is the time to celebrate.

5) Birthdays comes birthdays goes but our friendship remains intact. Wishing you a superb birthday!

6) I congratulate you buddy for being born on this special day which has made this day special to me. Wishing a grand birthday party for you.

7) "FRIEND" is just a word having six letters including two vowels but you have given it new meanings. Enjoy the day!

Happy Birthday Wish to Friend

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