28 Oct 2012

Movies as 50th Birthday Gifts

50 is the year indicating total end of youth. Being 50 is synonymous with being  nostalgic. The golden days of the good old past comes back again and again. Mind wants to detach itself from the chaos and crudeness of modern reality. That is why the gifts for 50th birthday should be special.

Giving gifts are nothing but making an impression by making the recipient happy. If you want to make your near and dear someone happy on his / her 50 th birthday then you may think about many gift ideas. Here you can get such an unique idea. Giving movies from 50 years ago. Movies released in the year of his/her birth, i.e. 1962.

Here are some cool movies from 1962 which you may check:

1) Lawrence of Arabia.

2) To Kill a Mockingbird

3) Days of Wine and Roses

4) The Miracle Walker.

What do you think?

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