20 Apr 2013

Funny Birthday Wishes for Freinds

Here are some funny birthday wishes for friends. You shall sure be amused by these. Your friend will surely like these.

1) I wish that all the cows from all the firms available in the world shall sing your birthday song, "Humbaaaa". Happy birthday my friend!

2) In every birthday of you I have to tell a lie that how good a fellow you are!

3) I hope that you shall forget your birthday from the next year. It will save a lot of my money which I am compelled to spend for gifts..

4) I wish that this birthday will make you a dumb and fool. So that, you shall buy a brand new car and give it to me as a gift!

5) Everybody knows that you are a troublemaker. This birthday will prove it too!

6) Happy birthday my friend and I hope that you shall buy a bigger cake this time!

7) The laughing hyaenas and crowing chickens are ready to celebrate your birthday my friend!

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