21 Sept 2013

80th Birthday Wishes for Mother

What is your plan regarding your mother's 80th birthday? Do you have anything special in mind? Do you want to give her a surprise party?

I am sure that you will bring some pretty gifts for her. You also need a quality birthday card for her. But what will you write on it? I am giving you some ideas. Here are my collections of 80th birthday wishes for mom.

1) You have the wisdom and experience of 80 long years. So, you still can teach us many valuable things in life. Wishing you a great birthday!

A card template for 80th birthday wishes
80th birthday card
2) I don't want to remember how old you are. I don't care you are 80 or 70. I only know that my mother is beautiful and ever will remain the same.

3) Let it be spring everyday for my mom. Let the air remains soft and sympathetic to her for ever. Enjoy the moments of your birthday!

4) You have done a lot for us. You have given countless hours of your youth for our well beings. It is impossible for us to repay you or even thank you adequately.

5) I would always pray to be your son again if there were an afterlife. Happy 80th birthday to you mom!

Do not forget to share your own 80th birthday messages for mother. 

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